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At Yattendon we aim to fulfil the potential of every child via a range of events and activities across each academic year.


Read on to find out more about our latest enrichment opportunities.

UK Parliament Week - November 13th - 17th

All classes were engaged in special activities and discussions to help them learn why their voice matters and to bring democracy to life in our school.

Quiz formats were used to introduce and test knowledge about the UK parliament; games helped children to develop their debating skills; and discussions covered the idea of campaigning, exploring how views can be conveyed and people influenced.


DT Challenge Day at Pangbourne College - November 15th

Four of our Year 4 pupils attended a special DT workshop at Pangbourne College and spent the day with pupils from other West Berkshire Primary schools. The day's challenge was to design, plan and make a key ring using pewter. A fantastic opportunity to work with a specialist teacher in workshop conditions.


"I had never worked with pewter before and found that you had to be

careful with the equipment."

"We made key rings out of a silver metal called pewter. I made a snowman. First we had

to draw our designs and then carved them using MDF wood."

"Pewter is man-made and can be liquid or solid. When pewter burns it turns into a golden

colour. MDF is made from little scraps of wood."



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Years 4, 5 and 6 visit the Anderson Shelter at

Englefield Estate - November 14th

A fantastic opportunity to visit a relatively local landmark and add substance to the

Term's focus on World War Two - and particularly the experiences of children.


"I was not expecting it to be covered in concrete but found out that this was added later.

I also expected more of the shelter to be sunk into the ground."


"When the door was closed, you got a real sense of how it must have felt in an air raid.

I knew I was safe but still had goosebumps!"


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Anti-Bullying Week - November 13th - 17th

Coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and supported by SafeToNet, Anti-Bullying Week shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages all teachers, pupils and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year. The theme is year is 'All Different, All Equal' and the aim is to empower children and young people to celebrate what makes them, and others, unique and also to help them understand how important it is that every child feels valued and included in school.


Designed to be fun, Yattendon pupils and staff relished the opportunity to express themselves and appreciate individuality and uniqueness by wearing odd socks all week!


"In the end we all agreed that we need to be responsible for our own actions.

Being kind and respectful is very important."


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School Remembrance Service at Yattendon Parish Church - November 10th


Staff, pupils, Governors, parents and members of the local community came together for our annual service of Remembrance at St Peter and St Paul Church Yattendon.

Eve and Willow (Year 5) played their flutes to open the service and pupils from Years 5 and 6 led the congregation with poetry, Bible readings hymns and prayers written especially for the occasion. Tom and Harry (Year 6) laid wreaths and Mr Spencer, representing the British Legion, read the Exultation before leading the two minute silence when you could have heard a pin drop.

A moving service that reflected our pupils' understanding of the sacrifices made by others on their behalf.

One of our parents emailed the Headteacher later the same day:


"Thank you for the beautiful service this morning, it certainly puts things into perspective. 

Your children, as ever, did you proud."



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Primary Schools' Quiz Night - November 7th 


A team of five Y5 and Y6 pupils represented the school at this established primary school event that helps raise money for the Newbury News Over 80’s Christmas Parcel Fund. The Quiz featured 10 rounds with questions ranging from sport to advertising slogans.


“My favourite question was ‘Who is Dangermouse?’ because it was so random!”

“I learnt a lot about symbols”

“I was very nervous when I first arrived because there were so many schools but it was great fun. Everyone on our team contributed to our team discussions about some really hard questions. I would definitely do it again as I liked being challenged.”

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Forest Friday - November 3rd


The first Forest Friday of the year and the first time the new Foundation children visited the outdoor classroom. The theme was to look at seasonal changes, focusing on the autumn clues in nature. Leaves were collected from the woodland floor and sorted according to colour and then size.


Linking to the Castles topic, the children created their own autumn crowns using autumn leaves and other materials.


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French Fun Day - November 1st

The whole school spent the day embracing 'all things French' through words, pictures, songs, numbers and games. Some amazing models of the Eiffel Tower were designed using lego, stickle bricks, plasticine and straws. And it couldn't be a French Day without some chocolat chaud and croissants.


Une journee fantastique!


"I have learnt so much today. I'm going to practise my numbers at home and only speak in French!"


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Harvest Service at St Peter and St Paul Church, Yattendon - October 20th

Pupils led an uplifting and celebratory Harvest service at the Parish church attended by Governors, parishioners and parents. Harvest was celebrated through music, drama and words with some pupils performing special harvest-themed solo pieces to open and close the proceedings.

Pupils from Years 5 and 6 delivered harvest crumbles to parishioners in the centre of the village immediately after the service. Parents and Governors took the remaining crumbles to deliver over the weekend on the school's behalf.

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Crumble Making Day - October 19th

Parents , governors and staff once again donated all the ingredients needed to make approx. 50 crumbles as Harvest gifts for our local community. As always, all pupils were involved in the weighing, assembling and preparation of the crumbles and pupils from Years 5 and 6 hand delivered many to grateful parishioners immediately after the Harvest service in the Parish church on October 20th.


"Thank you all and your teachers for making such delicious treats.I think you are all so clever and kind."


"Many thanks for the lovely fruit crumble. It was delicious and I hope you enjoyed making it."

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St Frideswide Pilgrimage - October 13th

Our annual St Frideswide pilgrimage to Frilsham woods was this year made extra special. Visitors from the Education Department of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford joined us for afternoon walk and led Frideswide learning activities with each class during the morning.


"It made it really special to have visitors from Oxford for the day. I really enjoyed the drama around the story and the dance was fun to learn."


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Royal Institute of Maths Masterclass - October 3rd

Four Y5 pupils attended the second in a series of workshop sessions designed to develop maths reasoning skills. The focus for this session was circles with investigations using coins.


"We were certainly challenged which I know was good. I learnt all about magic squares."

Year One Multiskills Competition - October 3rd

Six Year One pupils represented the school at Theale Green Secondary School. Skills were put to the test in a range of activities including frisbee and curling.

The team worked really well together and managed to leave the event as the proud owners of

some shiny silver medals!

Frilsham MacMillan Cancer Coffee Morning - September 29th

School Council members supported the village event at the Village Hall, accompanied by Headteacher, Mrs Manley, who was asked to judge a cake competition.

The school had a surprise visit later in the day from Reverend Meg as  Harry (Y6) had won their competition to guess the height of the pancake stack. Excellent mathematics skills in action!

Kingfisher Class visit to Neasden Temple, London - September 27th

A wonderful opportunity to visit a truly stunning place of worship!

Pupils received an introductory presentation on how the temple was built in an amazing 3 years by volunteers from the faith community. They then went upstairs and experienced an Arti ceremony and looked at the brightly-coloured shrines and intricate carvings. A specially-designed exhibition added yet more to a packed day of learning about the Hindu faith.


"I was so lucky to be able to visit such an amazing place. I learnt alot including the fact that it took 3 years to build and everyone was a volunteer."

Peer Mediators

New Peer Mediators have now been trained and are available on the playground during Break and Lunchtimes. This is a valuable service that our pupils choose to volunteer to be a part of. Pupils are on hand to assist with low-level challenges, helping to find solutions together.

Royal Institute of Maths Masterclass - September 25th

Four Y5 pupils attended the first in a series of workshop sessions to develop their maths reasoning skills. The group had a superb first afternoon exploring magic squares with dominoes!

School Council

New School Council representatives have been elected. A special assembly thanked the previous reps for all their hard work in the previous academic year.


"I really enjoyed my first meeting. I know that we can make some good decisions for the school and we will have lots of ideas to raise money for our school charity."

Jeans for Genes Day - September 18th

We raised £51 for the Jeans for Genes charity and all year groups were involved in a special assembly to discuss the charity's work and to watch some video profiles of those people that the charity helps.

Woodland Trust Tree Charter Assembly - September 11th

Special assembly to introduce the principles and purposes of the Trust and the Charter. School display generated by the children includes words related to the charter as the background and a tree created from a hand as the trunk. Hearts represent the leaves to show our love of trees and nature.

Yattendon children are clearly passionate about our environment and can discuss matters maturely and contribute clear and valuable ideas and opinions.


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What is Learning? - September 4th

First opportunity for whole school to come together and review the question, "What is learning?" New House Captains led their house groups for the first time. Discussions and visual representations underlined how our 8 learning cogs are embedded across the school and are much more than stand-alone words.

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Gardening Club - Summer 2017


Gardening club gave a fantastic presentation to the school and Lady Iliffe this afternoon.

They prepared a powerpoint presentation of their work during the Summer Term, which included stories about red carrots and leeches!

The group, consisting of Year 3, 4 and 5 children, has worked so hard this term and have

learned and grown so much!

Gardening Fun!

At Yattendon we aim to fulfil the potential of every child.  Through this we offer the following opportunities:


  • Maths Challenges at St Gabriel's, Newbury
  • Sports Ambassador Training and involvement in Sports Alliance events
  • Enrichment opportunities at Bradfield and Pangbourne Colleges
  • Differentiated daily phonics and spelling groups
  • Curriculum opportunities with link group schools e.g. Maths at Hermitage
  • Curriculum enrichment with link group schools e.g. International Day in July
  • Individual instrument lessons and whole class Fife lessons from Berkshire Maestros
  • Leadership roles in school and during collective worship
  • Wide range of clubs e.g. Judo, Gardening, Choir, Games, Times Tables, Popdance, Multi-skills, Football, Kayaking, Philosophy for Children