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Ethos and Values

Launching pupils into a bright future - inspired and independent


Yattendon Church of England Primary School is a small school that aims to provide big opportunities, enriching every pupil with a love of learning within a happy and inspirational environment.


Our children are:


They are confident and proud of their achievements, and make a positive contribution to the wider world

  • From Foundation stage independent learning opportunities, through to Year 6 selecting lines of enquiry, pupils are equipped to become inquisitive learners
  • Outside the day-to-day curriculum, we provide enrichment opportunities – from bowling to public speaking – to allow every child to grasp opportunities
  • Close links with the local community help us make a positive difference, whether that be through visits within Yattendon Estate or developing an award-winning road safety scheme  for our village



They constantly develop themselves and are excellent problem solvers

  • Our pupils value feedback to evaluate learning and progress. They are able to give and receive this themselves, with peers and with their teachers
  • Challenge is embraced as part of learning and we celebrate perseverance and successes in our classrooms and assemblies
  • Children join us at various points in their school journey, and we have a strong track record of them settling quickly into all year groups



We value the uniqueness of all individuals as part of our Christian ethos. Children care for themselves, those around them and the environment and understand the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle

  • Through close links with our Church and community, pupils care and can relate to all age groups. Every year, for example, they make Autumn crumbles to deliver to senior residents
  • We launch topics through whole school curriculum days which enable pupils to work together across the school in their House Teams
  • Pupil well-being and diversity is nurtured and respected through a whole school PSHE programme called ‘JIGSAW’



Children work as a team and respect others at all times – just as parents, staff, church, governors and the wider community work together to achieve our common aims

  • Our small size means that there are plenty of opportunities for children of all ages to interact and learn from one another
  • Pupils develop excellent communication skills as they present regularly through Celebration Assemblies, Open afternoons and church services
  • Opportunities to work with others are provided as pupils keenly take on responsibilities of School Council, Peer Mediators, Worship Leaders and the Sports Alliance



They develop skills and qualities to embrace and engage with the world, and reach their full potential.

  • Pupils are encouraged to actively investigate their world through learning outdoors, participating in visits (day and residential) and welcoming visitors.
  • Displays filling our school, our church and our village reflect our vibrant and creative school life – Pirate Week, Sculpture, Sheep!
  • Exciting, open home learning tasks are set up to allow each child to respond creatively without limitations to different areas of the curriculum



We provide a safe, happy and aspirational environment in which everyone feels included and can develop and flourish

  • Ofsted rates behaviour at our school as outstanding – pupils feel happy and safe
  • Pupils are proud of their school and know they have a valuable contribution to make
  • Children are mature and talk enthusiastically to visitors ranging from the local MP to new parents about their learning