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Hummingbirds - Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage Curriculum

At Yattendon our foundation  children are given the opportunity to learn through play based activities, both indoors and outdoors, as well as using the school grounds and local ‘woodland classroom’ to support our learning.

We will make links to the whole school topic however our plans may change and evolve in response to the interests and needs of the children as each term progresses.


We use a combination of the EYFS statutory framework and ‘Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage’ to plan a stimulating and personalised curriculum that puts each unique child and their development needs at the centre.

When Planning we ensure that we give all children the opportunity to develop the characteristics of effective learning as well as the 7 areas of learning and development. These areas of development are further divided into:

  • 3 prime areas which work together and are fundamental to support development in other areas
  • 4 specific areas which include essential skills for children to participate successfully in society.


Characteristics of Effective Learning

Playing and exploring- engagement

  • Finding out and exploring
  • Playing with what they know
  • Being willing to ‘have a go’

Active Learning

  • Being involved and concentrating
  • Keeping trying
  • Enjoying achieving what they set out to do.

Creating and thinking critically – thinking

  • Having their own ideas
  • Making links
  • Choosing ways to do things


Area of Learning and development


Prime areas

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Making relationships

Self-confidence and self-awareness

Managing feelings and behaviour

Physical Development

Moving and handling

Health and self-care

Communication and Language

Listening and attention



Specific Areas






Shape, space and measure

Understanding the World

People and communities

The world


Expressive Arts and Design

Exploring and using media and materials

Being imaginative


Teaching and learning ensures that the opportunities to explore key skills within these seven areas are provided through an enabling, exciting and supportive environment.

 Observation of children in their play, by all adults including parents, supports the curriculum and informs next steps in the children’s learning.