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Kingfishers 2018/19

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Years 4, 5 and 6


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We will start the term by reviewing what we think we already know about Ancient Egypt and identifying key vocabulary before turning to chronology and populating a timeline incorporating other key civilisations and events. Key learning questions will cover how society was organised; the importance of the pharaohs; the vast range of gods and goddesses; plus notable inventions and achievements, including the pyramids. An exploration of geographical features will then lead to some specific DT projects involving mummies, scarab beetles and shaduf water distribution systems. Towards the end of term, we'll also be making and tasting Egyptian flatbread.


Look out for photos related to our Summer learning as they are added to our Class Gallery throughout the term.


Mrs Weedon  (Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri)


Mrs Kennedy (Thurs)