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Robins 2018/19

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Years 2, 3 & 4

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Summer Term 

Ancient Egypt 

Ancient Egypt was one of the greatest  civilizations of the past. The monuments and tombs of their pharaohs continue to stand intact today, some 4.000 years later.

During the Summer term, we are going to immerse ourselves  in Ancient Egypt culture, art, geography and history. This fascinating  and interesting topic is going to keep us engaged in our learning right to the last day of the Summer term!




Spring Term 


The Arts

Welcome to the Spring term in Robin Class. This term we are going to be exploring the world of the Arts. This is a very wide and exciting topic that will enable us to  see ourselves as artists but also to learn and appreciate the art of artists that through their Art have improved our lives, adding more depth and meaning to our daily lives. What is your favourite painting? Why? What is your favourite song or piece of classical music? Do you have a favourite sculpture? What modern artists do you know? Do you know what Digital Art is? Why is Art important in our lives? What can we learn from artists from different cultures and periods in history?

As you can see our journey in the ever changing and rich  world of the Arts  will be a very interesting one! We will be posting photos of our artistic endeavours on our gallery. Are you ready to come along and enjoy The Arts with us? 

Wild Earth

Autumn Term

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Our Wild Earth topic will provide us with exciting learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum. Ecology will also be one of our points of discussion and interest.

Are you ready to come along and be inspired and mesmerised by our wild earth? Photos will be posted regularly on our class page gallery.