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Science - Electricity

This term, we are learning about electricity.


What do components do in electrical circuits?

Through exploring electrical circuits, we discovered what the components do and why it is important for circuits to be complete in order to work.


We role-played as electrons travelling through wires and components to explore how electrical energy moves around circuits. Some of us took on the roles of buzzers, bulbs, motors and switches and thought about how they would behave when provided with electrical energy.

How can we use symbols to represent electrical circuits?

First, we discussed how and why symbols are used. Links were made to symbols used in religions, on maps and on roads. We decided that they were used to make links quickly to topics or objects, and that they were globally understood.


Next, we looked at symbols for electrical components. We worked in pairs to make circuits and then drew them using the correct symbols. 

Our top tip was to always use a ruler!

Why does the number of cells in a circuit affect the brightness of a bulb?

We began by collecting data to find out how the number of cells in a circuit affects the brightness of a bulb.

Next, we used role-play to explore current and voltage in electrical circuits. Our new understanding was then used to explain the findings from our data.