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Science - Forces


This term, we are learning all about forces.



What is gravity, mass and weight?


We have been using force meters to measure the pull of gravity on the mass of object - this force is called weight.


The push and pull of forces is measured in Newtons (N). Why do you think this was chosen for the unit of measure?


What is friction?


Friction is the force which we have been exploring today.

Through investigating, we found that friction acts between moving objects and slows down moving objects.

Using force meters, we explored the force needed to pull shoes over different surfaces and linked this to the level of friction between the moving objects.


We then explored the link between the mass of an object and the amount of friction created.

Finally, we looked at how lubrication can reduce the amount of friction between moving objects.

What is air resistance and how does it affect moving objects?


We have discovered that air resistance is a type of friction which occurs between a moving object and air. 

We explored this force by running without and then with a parachute attached to our backs. With the parachute, air resistance was increased and created more drag which slowed us down.

Which is the best parachute?


In groups, we have been planning investigations to find the best parachute. Using post-it note planners, we first considered all the variables we could change and all of the variables we could measure / observe. We then selected one independent variable and one dependent variable. Next, we considered which variables we would control to make sure that our results would be reliable and accurate.


What is water resistance and how does it affect moving objects?


We timed how long it took for a cone, sphere and flattened cylinder to travel through a measuring cylinder of water.

We used our results to make conclusions and considered why streamline shapes travel quickly through water.

In groups, we then designed our own shape to investigate.

Simple Machines




Levers are simple machines which make a load easier to lift.

Through investigation we discovered that, the further the effort was from the pivot, the less effort was needed to lift a load.