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Science - Light

This term we are learning about Light.


How does light travel?

We used a light box and mirrors to explore how light travels. Using a computer simulation, we also directed a beam of light from a light source to a target using mirrors and prisms.


Through our investigations we now know that light from a light source travels in a straight line.

How does a periscope work?

Mrs Kennedy asked us all to sit on the floor and then tell her what we saw on top of the table.

We couldn't as we couldn't see what was there!


To solve this problem, we made periscopes.

The periscopes allowed us to see what was on the table as the light reflected off of the mirrors and into our eyes. We really enjoyed exploring the periscopes and writing secret messages to each other which could only be viewed using them.

We then used all our scientific discoveries to explain how periscopes work.

How do we see things?

Using string, objects and mirrors, we role played how light travels from a light source to our eyes. We reflected the "light" off objects and mirrors to our eyes.

We made sure we kept the string tight to show that light from a light source travels in a straight line.