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JIGSAW approach


Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE is an original and comprehensive scheme of learning, which integrates personal, social, health and economic education with an emphasis on emotional literacy, mental health and SMSC, especially spiritual development.


Children are at the heart of Jigsaw

Jigsaw aims to help children know and value who they really are and how they relate to other people in this ever-changing world.

Whole school long term plan

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How would children benefit if they could be aware of their thoughts and feelings as they happen, in the present moment, on purpose with no judgement?

This is what mindfulness means. It can be learnt, and techniques to develop it taught. It also needs to be practised. We believe mindfulness is a vital tool for life, not only does it support the regulation of emotion and build emotional resilience but also enhances focus and concentration; both helping to optimise learning. Mindful children can more readily choose their responses to situations rather than react while caught up in the thought-flows and emotions. In Jigsaw PSHE, mindfulness is developed through the ‘Calm Me’ time in each piece (lesson). This consists of breathing techniques, awareness exercises, visualisations etc, all tried, tested and very enjoyable activities for children and teachers alike. Observing your thoughts and feelings, on purpose, in the present moment with no judgement…what a gift!

Pupil voice


What do our Kingfisher children think of Jigsaw?


"I enjoy the Calm Me time because it makes me focus ready for the lesson."

"I'm the only boy in the class who doesn't like football so I sometimes feel left out. Jigsaw makes me feel happy because I fit in with everyone."

"I like Jigsaw because it will help me to make good decisions when I'm older. The Calm Me time also helps me to relax."

"I like the Calm Me bit because everyone is calm and ready to learn."

"I like how everyone gets involved. Everyone's opinions are treated equally."

"It makes me feel together with everyone in my class."

"I talk more in Jigsaw sessions - not in a bad way! I'm feeling more confident to share my opinions."