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We are very pleased to offer residential activities for children in Year 4, 5 and 6 each year.



Year 4 and 5 Residential



Our new Head Teacher introduced a 2 night residential for Year 4 and 5 pupils last year. We visit Minstead Study Centre in the New Forest, where we learned about the environment and sustainability. We had a brilliant time as we explored the treasures of the New Forest. We earned beads as we investigated each of the values of the centre.

We covered all subjects as we learned about the Earth and moon, forest creatures and plants, fairtrade, energy, recycling and how much we pollute the earth! We completed amuck movers activity and learned all about sheep and chickens and just how much they give us. We used sheep fleece to make do some felting.

Evening treats were decorating lanterns to carry into the grounds where we enjoyed a campfire. We came back to the beanbag room to chill out together before we went to our dormitories for some well-earned sleep!Enjoying the outdoors!

Year 6 Residential

Accompanied by their Class Teacher, Year 6 pupils from Yattendon Primary School join Year 6 pupils from three other small Downs Federation primary schools to travel to Sealyham Activity Centre for a week (usually the first week in June).

Based in the heart of Pembrokeshire, Sealyham is chosen because of its unique environment. Unspoiled and uncrowded, it is an outdoor pursuits’ paradise! Exciting outdoor activities have been organised at Sealyham Activity Centre since 1986 and offer exhilarating and stimulating experiences for children. All activities are led by a team of qualified and experienced instructors.

We believe that outdoor pursuits provide an exciting, physical medium for learning. At Sealyham there is no emphasis on doing well. Each pupil will achieve something – perhaps coping with their first stay away from home and parents; learning to become an effective member of a team; or conquering a fear of heights or water.

Instructors spend as much time as necessary encouraging children to participate in each of the activities. However, this never progresses to coercion or force at any time. The right of each child to make their own final decision themselves is fully respected.

The Sealyham residential ALWAYS features highly in memories shared by Year 6 pupils at Yattendon Primary School’s annual Leavers’ service.

Memories to last a lifetime!