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Contact email for Jane Livesey, Chair of Governors: jlivesey@yattendon.w-berks.sch.uk

Introducing the Governors:

The Governing Body consists of 12 governors.  7 Foundation Governors (1 Ex-officio Priest, 2 appointed by the Parochial Church Council, 2 appointed by the Diocese and 2 appointed by the Waterhouse Trust), 1 Local Authority Governor, 1 Ex-officio Head Teacher, 1 Staff Governor and 2 Parent Governors.  


Foundation Governors:

Term of Office:

4 Years 11.09.18 – 10.09.22

Business/Pecuniary Interests:

Shabby Barn – local furniture refurbishment from 2009.  (Oct 2020).

Meeting Attendance 2019 - 20: 93% (14 of 15).


Jane Livesey, Chair of Governors

Foundation Governor (Appointed by Parochial Church Council, PCC)

Member of Standards & Admissions Committee, Member of Resources Committee, Member of Strategy Group.

A governor since 2009, Jane brings experience from both the Public & Private sectors and was Partnership Director at West Berkshire Council for a number of years. Her professional background is HR and she has worked as a management consultant as well as running a local successful business.


Term of Office:

Ex-Officio (joined 27.04.20


Business/Pecuniary Interests: None (Oct 2020).


Meeting Attendance 2019 - 20: 33% (1 of 3).


Rev. Wayne Lautenbach

Foundation Governor - Ex-Officio (Appointed by PCC)

Lead Governor for RE (Religious Education).

Wayne has been the Team Rector of the Hermitage Team of Churches, which includes our local church, since June 2018.  He was ordained a priest in South Africa in 1988 and ministered in church there until moving with his family to the UK in 1999.  They spent 18 years in Chester Diocese, mostly in Birkenhead, until they moved south to be closer to their children and grandchildren. 

Term of Office:

4 Years 15.10.18 - 14.10.22


Business/Pecuniary Interests:

None (Oct 2020).


Meeting Attendance 2019 - 20: 80% (12 of 15).


Paula Philips

Foundation Governor (Appointed by Diocese)

Joint Chair of Resources Committee, Member of Standards & Admissions Committee, Lead Governor for Pupil Premium Grant (PPG), Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) and Equality.

As well as being a parent governor, Paula works directly with the children as a Lunchtime Play Leader. Paula has a long association with the school and has developed valuable skills and experience in her time serving as governor since 2003. 

Term of Office:

4 Years 06.01.21 - 05.01.25

Business/Pecuniary Interests:

Managing Director of Yattendon Estates Limited (Feb 2021).


Attendance 2019 –  20:  N/A.


James Hole

Foundation Governor (Appointed by Waterhouse Trust)

Member of Resources Committee.



Term of Office:

4 Years 05.10.20 - 04.10.24

Business/Pecuniary Interests:

None (Oct 2020).


Attendance 2019 – 20: 91% (10 of 11).


Amanda Service

Foundation Governor (Appointed by PCC)

Member of Standards & Admissions Committee Committee, Lead Governor for English and Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Amanda has been visiting Yattendon regularly as a volunteer, listening to readers from Years 5 and 6. After achieving a degree in English Literature and Language, she worked in publishing and tour operating. She has always been involved in voluntary and community work, including helping Macmillan Cancer Support and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. Amanda is also very involved in the life of her local church.

Term of Office:

4 Years 15.10.18 - 14.10.22

Business/Pecuniary Interests:

None (Oct 2020).

Meeting Attendance 2019 - 20: 82% (9 of 11).


Ann Wheeler

Foundation Governor (Appointed by Diocese)

Chair of Standards & Admissions Committee, Lead Governor for Safeguarding, Lead Governor for RE (Religious Education), Member of Strategy Group.

Ann has been a governor for 35 years, although her connection with the school is even more long standing; as a child and teacher too. She is also an ex-headteacher of a small West Berkshire rural school and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. She also provides a valuable link with the Church and local residents which enhances the schools links and role within the wider community. 

Term of Office:

4 Years 14.01.20 - 13.01.24

Business/Pecuniary Interests: None (Oct 2020).

Meeting Attendance 2019 - 20: 100% (6 of 6).


Sarah Barron

Foundation Governor (Appointed by Waterhouse Trust)

Member of Resources Committee, Lead Governor for Health & Safety.

Sarah became a governor at the start of 2020.  She works in medical communications, and brings scientific and editorial knowledge to the role.  She has one daughter currently at Yattendon, and another who she hopes will join in due course.  


Staff Governors:

Term of Office:


Business/Pecuniary Interests:

Husband teaches music lessons at the school (Oct 2020).

Meeting Attendance 2019 - 20: 100% (15 of 15).


Rachel Manley, Head Teacher

Member of Standards & Admissions Committee, Member of Resources Committee, Member of Strategy Group.

Term of Office:

4 Years 04.02.19 - 03.02.23

Business/Pecuniary Interests:

None (Oct 2019).

Meeting Attendance 2019 - 20: 73% (8 of 11).


Melanie Mason

Staff Governor (Elected by staff)

Member of Standards & Admissions Committee.


Local Authority Governor:

Term of Office:

4 Years

Business/Pecuniary Interests:

None (Oct 2020).

Meeting Attendance 2019 - 20: 100% (12 of 12).


Rachel Jones, Vice Chair

Local Authority (LA) Governor (Nominated by LA, Appointed by Governing Body)

Joint Chair of Resources Committee, Member of Strategy Group, Lead Governor for Communications and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Rachel became Chair of Governors in July 2017. She runs a PR and marketing consultancy, bringing extensive experience in communicating with a variety of stakeholders. She is passionate about education, and as a Governor, brings valuable skills that will positively contribute to making Yattendon School the best it can be. She has three daughters at school and became a Governor in 2015.

Parent Governors:

Term of Office: 

4 Years 27.04.20 - 26.04.20

Business/Pecuniary Interests: Works at the school (Oct 2020)

Meeting Attendance 2019 – 20:  100% (2 of 2).


Jenny Coomber

Parent Governor (Elected by parents)

Member of Standards & Admissions Committee.





Term of Office:

4 Years 18.10.18 - 17.10.22

Business/Pecuniary Interests:

None (Oct 2020).

Meeting Attendance 2019 - 20: 91% (10 of 11).





Becky Wise, Joint Vice Chair

Parent Governor (Elected by parents)

Member of Standards Committee, Lead Governor for maths and science.






Clerk to Governors:

Business/Pecuniary Interests:

None (Oct 2020). 


Rachael House Gemmell

Rachael has been a Clerk since November 2013 and currently clerks for three West Berkshire Primary Schools. Rachael studied psychology and has worked in administration for the Local Education Authority and the NHS.  Growing up in nearby Bradfield, Rachael is very familiar with Yattendon and its surrounding beautiful countryside. Rachael has two primary school-aged daughters.





Previous Governors

Libby Weedon, Staff Governor from 30.01.15 to 29.01.19 

Emma Slack, Associate Member from 16.07.18 to 15.07.19

Alexandra Gruber, Parent Governor from 18.10.18 to 02.01.20

Roger Sansom, Foundation Governor (Waterhouse Trust) from 14.01.29 - 17.09.20 (resigned second term)

About the Governing Body

Governors will, for the efficient working of the Governing Body, simply commit to.....


  • engage fully with the work of the Governing Body, its committees and working parties to fulfill our individual and joint obligations as Governor
  • make ourselves available for planned meetings, sending apologies to the organiser if exceptionally we cannot attend
  • prepare for meetings appropriately, reading papers/reports and undertaking any necessary research in advance
  • open, read and deal with communications, usually e.mails, at least weekly to ensure responses are timely, information is shared and understood and issues raised appropriately
  • attend as many school events as practicable to ensure our leadership profile as a Governor is recognised with staff, parents and stakeholders
  • participate in governor or school development to ensure skills and knowledge are updated appropriately
  • positively promote the school and staff at every opportunity, in particular
    • at least 2 Governors will attend open event/parents evening on a rota basis
    • all governors will participate in planned learning walk


Our aim as a Governor is to be seen as…

  • Professional
  • Helpful
  • Approachable
  • Flexible
  • Knowledgeable
  • Having clear standards
  • Positive
  • Reliable
  • Courteous
  • Informed
  • Efficient
  • Skilled



We will manage expectations by…


  • Keeping our commitments
  • Being clear about what we are able to do, and
  • Being realistic



Agreed by full Governing Body in October 2020

Committee Memberships & Lead Governors

Standards & Admissions Committee

Ann Wheeler                     Rachel Manley

Jane Livesey                     Mel Mason

Paula Phillips                   Jenny Coomber

Amanda Service               Becky Wise

Resources Committee

Rachel Jones                    Paula Phillips

Rachel Manley                  Jane Livesey

Sarah Barron                    James Hole

Strategy Group

Jane Livesey                     Rachel Manley 

Rachel Jones                    Ann Wheeler

Paula Phillips

Lead Governors

Religious Education (RE) - Rev. Wayne Lautenbach

Mental Health & Wellbeing, Admissions - Amanda Service

Safeguarding - Ann Wheeler

SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities), PPG (Pupil Premium Grant), Equality - Paula Phillips

Health & Safety, Premises - Sarah Barron

Governor Development, EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) - Rachel Jones


Meeting Dates for the Academic Year 2020 - 21 

Full Governing Body

Monday 12th October at 6.30 pm

Monday 7th December at 6.30 pm

Monday 29th March at 6.30 pm

Monday 26th April at 6.30 pm

Monday 12th July at 6.30 pm

Resources Committee

Friday 2nd October at 9.30 am

Monday 23rd November at 6.30 pm

Monday 8th February at 6.30 pm

Friday 26th March at 9.30 am

Wednesday 21st April at 6.30 pm

Friday 2nd July at 9.30 am

Standards & Admissions Committee

Thursday 24th September at 9.30 am

Thursday 21st January at 9.30 am

Thursday 6th May at 9.30 am

Thursday 8th July at 9.30 am

Strategy Group

Minimum of 4 meetings a year. 

Additional meetings arranged as required.