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"Writing is a form of art"    Maren Year 5

Writing progression document

Implementation of our Writing Curriculum  


Following a clear progression of skills within a range of genres (within fiction, non-fiction and poetry) and access to a wide range of model texts our curriculum develops the whole writer. We use the Pie Corbett Talk for Writing as our whole school approach which encourages children to imitate the language they need orally before writing their own innovations and inventions.  

The structure of the writing journey: 

  • Technical challenge 

  • Share writing journey  

  • Analysis of model text 

  • Imitate - overwriting 

  • Innovate – independent short pieces  

  • Invent – planning own version 

  • Invent – showstopper – independent draft of planned writing 

  • Edit and publish 

  • Assessment – self, peer and teacher 




As a school we discretely teach the age-related curriculum expectations for vocabulary, grammar and punctuation  

Children then apply these skills within writing composition tasks both supported and independent through English lessons and cross curricular contexts 

  • Children will develop a rich spoken and written vocabulary 

  • Children will develop a strong command of the grammatical convention of standard written English 

  • Children will understand the use of punctuation to clarify and impact meaning within writing  

  • By the end of KS 2 children will manipulate these features to enhance their and engage the reader 



  • Spelling – phonics / non nonsense spelling tests each week marking to pick up on spellings  

  • Handwriting – precursive, into cursive / pens are introduced as they become more confident – handwriting sessions weekly?  

  • Progression for handwriting – Oxford Owl  

  • Early writing skills – dough disco / fine motor skills  




  • Children will engage in meaningful discussions, adults will model appropriate listening and responding 

  • Questioning will be used to extend children’s understanding and knowledge 

  • One session a week will focus on the vocabulary, grammar and punctuation within modelled writing, with use of dictionaries and thesaurus’ 

  • Regular opportunities to verbally communicate well-structured descriptions and formulate well-constructed points 

  • All children will be expected to participate within both small and larger group discussions, presentations, role play and debates 

  • Adult will model and expect good use of standard English when communicating ideas 

  • Opportunities to rehearse and perform to develop the ability to speak audibly and fluently showing understanding through intonation, tone and volume so that the meaning is clear to the audience.  






Pupil Voice


I love writing because it means I can write stories and share my ideas - Lucy, Year 2


I like writing because I can be creative - Thomas, Year 2 I like being able to publish my work. It is good to finish it properly - Maci, Year 5


Our texts are creative and link to other subjects in the curriculum - Maeve, Year 5


Writing is like a form of art - Maren, Year 5


I personally love writing stories so my imagination can go wild! - Maisy, Year 6


Writing is fun and good for my brain - Joshua, Year 3

Spelling and Grammar at Yattendon

Handwriting at Yattendon

Websites and materials to support writing