Welcome to our small and friendly village school. We have enthusiastic pupils and staff, who are passionate about engaging in rich learning experiences.

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Welcome to Robins Class


Robins is the Year 1 and Year 2 class at Yattendon.

Mrs Mason is the class teacher and Miss Amey is the full time TA.

Mrs Robinson and Mrs Hopkins will take the Year 2 children Monday to Thursday for Maths and Mr Bint will lead one of the weekly PE sessions. 




Curriculum Map

Class Timetable

We are nearly halfway through the Summer Term. Here is an update of our learning. We have been very busy!

In Science we are learning about things that living, never been alive and no longer living. The children explored various animals skulls and discussed what makes something living. We have also planted seeds to help us learn about how plants grow. We can't wait to see some shoots!

In PE we have been developing our ball and racket skills. We definitely have some potential tennis stars in the making!

In Computing we have been learning to make music using the Purple Mash programme 2Sequence. The children have enjoyed working with a partner to add instruments and sound effects to the well-known nursery rhyme , Twinkle , Twinkle Little Star.

In History we are learning about communication over time. The children create beautiful illuminated manuscripts for their name. We are learning about the significant contributions to communication from William Caxton and Tim Berners-Lee.

We have been trialing 'flexible seating' in Robins. We now have standing stations, low level seating areas and the usual tables. The children can make choices about the place they learn and it has proved very popular. It is always good to remember that no two people learn in the same way.

ART - Sculpture has been the focus this half term. Our focus artist is Barbara Hepworth. We have created abstract families in large boxes and used clay to sculpt people in her style.

In English we have been learning nd innovating the story George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell. We have now completed these and have recorded them to make an audio book. It is nearly ready to publish and will be uploaded for you to enjoy soon.

Welcome to Spring 2 - "Spring is natures way of saying, Let's have a party!" Robin Williams

Week 1 - Wow, What a busy first week back! Lovely to meet with parents to discuss how well the children are progressing. Then we celebrated pancake day with pancake races and delicious pancakes. We have started lots of new learning too.

We also reflected on the School Vision and thought about the responsibilities we have to ensure our seeds blossom. The children created seed packets and instructions for their own seeds.

This term our focus artist is Vincent Van Gogh and we were inspired by his yellow sunflower painting. We used it to create water colour paintings for our Mother's Day cards.

We had fun in the woods investigating what it is that makes a stick travel the furthest distance when thrown. In safe conditions the children selected their stick based on length, shape and mass. Then in teams they tested their sticks and measured the distance in footsteps.

In DT we have looked at different types of salad. The children have enjoyed tasting a selection of root vegetable salads and then made potato salad. Next they explored fruit salad, designing and making their own!

Spring Term 1





Happy New Year

We started thinking about New Year and our wished for 2022. 

The children created New Year Stars with our goals on. These are displayed in the classroom.




We have lots of exciting learning ahead of us this term! 


In history we will be learning about Nurturing Nurses and the children are already excited by this topic bringing in research they have completed at home about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. 

In English we are learning about Traditional Tales. The model tale is The Three Little Pigs and we are learning the model with actions to help us remember it. During a sunny and beautiful visit to the woodland classroom the children were challenged to make stick houses for the second little pig. The results were amazing, such determination and team work from everyone. 

In Art the focus is drawing skills. We looked at a piece of art by Paul Cezanne and had a go at an observational drawing of a bowl of fruit.

In PE we explored flight using a range of equipment.

Chinese dance workshop to celebrate Chinese New Year.

This week has been very busy. We have completed our art unit - As you can see from the final drawings we have really developed our drawing skills. We are so proud of our Art Gallery.

We also had the pleasure of a visit from Rabbi Zvi, we transformed the hall into a Synagogue and learnt all about this special place.

To finish the week we had a visit from a 'modern day' nurse. He talked to the children about his job. Then we set up Teddy Hospital so they could have a go at some nursing. We had wound care, listening for heart beat, critical care and other examinations. It was great fun and certainly brought our History learning to life.

Autumn Term 2021


What a fantastic term so far. So much super learning! The children particularly enjoyed our trip to Windsor Castle. 

We are now looking forward to continuing our learning before the excitement of Christmas begins!


Look regularly on this page to see how much the children are learning. 



In Computing the children looked at coding - we compared this to the instructions we are looking at in English. Then the children used various symbols to create a code for their friend to follow.

In Art the focus is on mixed, media artwork. We are using this book to inspire our learning. The artist has used collage to create the illustrations. Look out for our mixed media animal pictures over the next few weeks.

Art - exploring paper structure techniques.

Year 1 Maths has focused on subtraction. The children explored difference using a range of mathematical resources.


WEEK 2 - In science we are exploring the senses. This week we focused on our sight. We had fun using a magnifying glass to make words larger, creating a picture for a blind person and trying to draw a picture whilst blindfolded!

What a busy time! Smell was the focus sense in science this week. Lots of smelling to identify different smells. In computing the children used the laptops to complete a Purple Mash challenge and in music we used the instruments to keep a steady pulse.

Year 1 did some super learning with number lines this week.

We enjoyed our first trip to the woodland classroom this week. Science was the focus and we used our senses to explore the environment.

As part of our REAL PE gym unit the children had to pretend the high apparatus was the Jungle. They had to find ways to go travel in, out, over and under.

Robins enjoyed a fantastic trip to Windsor Castle to enrich our History learning for this term. We had an engaging workshop all about castles and explore the staterooms. The children were very excited when the spotted the Royal Standard flying on our arrival!

What a busy half term! This week we followed up on our visit to Windsor with super paintings of the castle.

Autumn 2 Learning

Peace doves and our recipe for Friendship display.

Art - Mixed media collage - the children were inspired to create animal collages.

Where are we in the world? We focused on reading and making maps.

Design and Technology - We made BENDY BAGS! The children examined, designed and made bags. We used a mixture of sewing and gluing. All were very proud of the end results.