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Yattendon’s cup overflows this Autumn

Yattendon School has thrown itself into the spirit of Harvest with some Autumn baking for older members of the local community. In a busy few days, the village school held another of its annual traditions – the St. Frideswide Pilgrimage. This was attended by officers from Oxford Cathedral who are keen to build links with the school – the only in the country with a connection to Oxford’s Patron Saint.


The pilgrimage sees all children walk to a well in the Frilsham woods, which commemorates St Frideswide. There, they hold a special service with readings, songs and dance. Jackie Holderness and Ruth Buckley from Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford also spent the morning at school, leading drama workshops, songs and a presentation on the history of St. Frideswide.

A few days later, all 73 pupils – ranging in age from 4-11 – made enough fruit crumbles for nearly fifty portions, which were then delivered to older residents of the village. The exercise brings maths alive as the pupils weigh the butter, flour and sugar. They then take turns to assemble the crumbles in foil dishes before labelling them ready for delivery.


All the ingredients were provided by friends and families, and Tesco kindly donated custard pots for a tasty finishing touch.


The crumbles form the village school’s Harvest gift to the community of Yattendon and Frilsham. The crumbles were delivered by the children and parents on Friday morning after a Harvest Festival Church Service.

Head-teacher, Mrs Rachel Manley, commented: “We are very proud of our special school traditions and the St. Frideswide Pilgrimage has been an annual fixture for around 35 years. We are keen that all children develop a sense of community, and the enjoyment that comes from sharing the fruits of their labour.”