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From Chemistry ... to Hockey

Our pupils have benefited from strong links with local schools as they were invited to a science workshop and Hockey masterclass in the last week.


Four pupils attended a Science workshop at Bradfield College and fed back: "We learnt about chemical reactions and what causes them – light, noise, smell and temperature change. We mixed 2 chemical solutions with water and watched the chemicals turn black in fixed times."


Links with The Downs, our ‘outstanding’ feeder secondary school, have enabled a set of workshops to be created for Year 6 pupils in different areas of the curriculum. Three pupils attended a Hockey masterclass after school on Tuesday. Here is their feedback: "We learnt that you are only allowed to use the flat side of the hockey stick. We also learnt how to push the ball properly and how to stop the ball. At the end we played a short match to practise our dribbling and passing and my team won. I assisted with 2 goals and scored 2 as well. It was brilliant and I am looking forward to playing again when I go to The Downs in September."